The decision to sell your house is a huge one. So it’s not surprising that, after committing to doing so and appointing a real estate agent, most vendors can’t wait to get cracking.

Many real estate agents will share your hunger for action – they’ll sign you up and get you listed in less time than it takes to say ‘Now, where’s that LIM report’?

While this kind of ‘seize the moment’ approach may seem like a grand idea at the time, here at The Property Market we think it’s worth taking a little longer to get things done properly.

We’ve found that by spending a couple of extra days to perfect the marketing and get a complete understanding of the property, we can actually sell your house faster and for a better return.

Our typical ‘getting to market’ process takes seven days. So, what extra value do we deliver in that time?

1. The opportunity to have our agreement reviewed independently.

Like all real estate agents, one of the first things we do is give you an agency agreement to sign. This sets out what you can expect when selling your house with us.

However, in a break with industry tradition, we encourage you to take the time to get our agreement checked out by an independent expert before you sign. We do this because we understand that selling your house is a big decision and we want you to feel confident about trusting us to get the result you want.

2. A better understanding of your property.

We order the LIM report as soon as you commit to listing with us. This gives us plenty of time to study the LIM and property title thoroughly and come back to you with any questions before we start talking to buyers and actively selling your house.

3. Top notch marketing.

We allow three working days to have your property photographed. This means we have an extra day up our sleeve if weather conditions aren’t ideal, and plenty of time to review all of the images and choose those that best represent your home’s strengths.

Vendors and buyers alike love the fact that we offer a personalised website for each property – the extra time we take to prepare the marketing allows us to set up the website address (using your property’s street address) and get the website live.

Unlike most real estate agents, we also give you the opportunity to review and approve all of the marketing material before it is produced. That means you can be 100% happy and confident about how your home is being presented to buyers.

By day six, we have a great relationship with you, a thorough understanding of your property and a marketing campaign that will knock the socks off potential buyers. We’re going to market in a position of strength which, in our experience, makes all the difference to the end result – and who doesn’t want that?

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