It’s winter.  What do we want?  A warm house.

When winter rolls around and we bust out the woolly socks, we’re reminded of how important a warm, cosy home is.  It’s all about keeping dry and warm (whatever the Auckland weather is doing outside).  It’s the same when a potential buyer walks through a property.  A cold, damp house on a winter’s day will have a buyer moving to the next property quick smart.

Sadly for many of New Zealand’s older homes poor insulation (or no insulation at all) means cold houses.  And unimpressed buyers.

Insulation does more than keep your house warm, it helps sell your house.

What a buyer wants

You can beat your sheepskin slippers the first question a Real Estate Agent is asked when showing a property during winter is about the heating and insulation.  Winter temperatures, combined with Auckland’s high rainfall, exposes poorly insulated homes as far less appealing than warm, well-insulated properties.

Well-insulated homes are well-loved homes

Potential buyers know there’s a good chance a home with good insulation is free of damp, mould or mildew problems.  It’s also a good indication that the owner of the home has looked after the property.

If you’re thinking of selling your property and your home is lacking in the insulation department, it might be worth thinking about retrofitting.

Retrofitting older homes is whole lot easier thanks to Auckland City Council’s Retrofit Your Home program.

The Retrofit Your Home Scheme – what’s the deal?

The Retrofit Your Home scheme allows ratepayers access up to $5,000 towards insulation in the form of a loan paid back through rate payment installments.  Repayments are made over 9 years, although the amount can be paid back earlier at any time without penalty.  The interest rate on the loan is currently 6.5%.

What does this mean when you sell you home?

If you take the loan and then end up selling your home, make sure you let your Real Estate Agent know.  You’ll need to disclose the loan to any prospective buyer.  And you’ll need to list the item on the Sale & Purchase Agreement.  You may wish to repay the loan in full before it comes time to sell.  Or in some cases it may be a condition of sale.

The small print

You need to be the legal owner and ratepayer of the property
You need to have a good history of paying your rates
You need to use an approved supplier
The scheme is only available to homes built prior to 2000

If access to five big ones still isn’t enough to convince you to insulate your home, then it’s worth considering it from a health and well-being perspective.

Why insulate?

When it comes to keeping your home warmer, drier and more efficient to heat, it’s all about the insulation.  Good insulation keeps a home cooler in summer and warmer in winter and provides a healthier atmosphere.

  • A well-insulated home means more efficient use of heating and this means lower energy bills
  • Good insulation means healthy homes and this means healthy people.  Homes that are poorly insulated, damp, or cold can cause health issues like respiratory problems or diseases like rheumatic fever.
  • Less waste of valuable resources.  Efficiencies in your home mean  reliance on natural resources is minimised.

Why insulate before you sell?

Often buyers are stretched when it comes to meeting the purchase price.  Facing further costs once the purchase is made (like adding heating or insulation) is often enough to turn buyers away.  Just like doing renovation work, installing good heating and insulation before you go to market makes your home more appealing against the competition.  Buyers are attracted to homes where the work is already done and the home is well maintained.

A note on rental properties and insulation

Earlier this month changes were made to the Residential Tenancy Act.  From July, next year, ceiling and underfloor insulation and smoke alarms becomes mandatory on all rental properties.  If you’re a landlord, it’s worth considering insulation now.


If you’re thinking of selling, you can bet buyers are going to favour a warm house over a cold house any day.   If you want to increase the chances of selling your house, take a look at the Retrofit Your Home scheme through Auckland City Council.


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