Have you ever looked through the real estate listings and wondered how homeowners turn the cluttered chaos of a family home into the serene, stylish (and desirable) properties you see in the listings?

We’ll let you in on a secret… they probably get help.

We’re talking home staging and we love the way a design expert can transform ‘homely’ into high-end chic.

Home staging is more than a tidy up or de-clutter.  An expert home stager presents your home as “the dream home” to your target market. From creating sexy kerb appeal to the stylish placement of your plants, these folks know what they’re doing. And real estate agents know it works.

The Property Market recently worked with Simon Gill of Interior Concepts who home staged a Remuera listing (check out the before and after photos below).  Simon has over 10 years in home staging and design, he knows everything there is to know about creating the perfect look. Lucky for us, Simon has shared some expert knowledge and top tips on home staging.

Why home stage?

Sell your home faster  – In a busy market, a well styled home has extra appeal so it’s likely to take less time to sell. If the market is quiet, having your house staged means the property stands out from the rest.
Sell your home for more  – At any time, an appealing home is more likely to attract a lot of attention and in many cases, a higher sale price.
Appeal to the intended market  – An expert home stager knows exactly how to style your home so it appeals to those who are most likely to purchase.

You only get one shot at a first impression

What makes a house feel like a home? Simon says it’s a feeling; and that feeling is decided the moment you walk through the front door. First impressions are made in the first 10 to 20 seconds, so you only have one shot at getting it right. A positive feeling lasts throughout the whole visit, and so too does a negative one.

Finding the right look

There is no set style or trend to follow when it comes to dressing a house for sale. The most important thing is to ensure that the style of furnishings matches the house, and the whole design matches the intended market. Simon doesn’t believe you need to stick with one look throughout the house but it’s important that everything works cohesively together. And beware of over-staging, says Simon. A house that’s over the top or unnatural is a turn-off for buyers.

More than just the furniture

Hiring an expert to stage your house isn’t just a matter of replacing your well-loved sofa. Sometimes Simon’s job involves making small enhancements, like placing objects and ornaments correctly. Sometimes his task is to remove everything in the house and start from scratch.

Stylish doesn’t mean personality free

It’s inevitable that homeowners accumulate personal items over the years they live in a property… that’s what makes it a home! Photos, plants, accessories and trinkets don’t have to be hidden away, but a professional eye will see what’s working, and what’s not.

Norana Ave: Before and After

Simon recently home staged a property in Norana Avenue, Remuera, sold by The Property Market. This graceful old villa was in great shape and its large rooms were one of its best assets. Simon enhanced the property by choosing understated furniture that allowed the grand rooms to speak for themselves. Check out the before and afters to see the subtle, yet impressive, difference Simon’s home staging made to this property. We were thrilled to sell this property for the vendors by auction in 23 days. The sale price was $2,150,000, 29% over the CV of $1,670,000.


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