If you’re selling your house, you – and your real estate agent – have more than likely put some careful thought to how it should be marketed. But have you considered the importance of mobile search?

One of the most exciting recent trends in real estate is the move to mobile property search. While the fact that around 90% of a buyer’s property search is done on the web is well-documented, it now seems that ‘at your desk’ research is fast being replaced by searches carried out ‘on the go’.

Neilson’s 2012 Real Estate Market Report shows that, in New Zealand, more than a quarter of those on the hunt for their next home had accessed a real estate website via their smartphone over the last year. Impressively, this figure was more than triple that for 2011.

This trend has already been picked up by the two largest real estate listing sites in New Zealand. TradeMe Property and Realestate.co.nz both have Android and iPhone apps that let prospective buyers search, save and compare more easily from their smartphone or tablet.

Internationally, CrumbTracks is another clever example of the way mobile technology is transforming property search. This free iPhone app lets you store information in a smartphone-based file for each property you visit. You can add photos, videos, notes and likes/dislikes about each property to its file, and then review and compare them over a glass of wine at the end of the day. Much more civilised than poring over a notebook full of scribbles, right?

For house hunters, the upshot is that it’s becoming even easier to pick and choose from the latest listings – meaning buyers are likely to become more and more dependent on mobile sites to search, save and compare in future.

But what if you’re selling your house?

For sellers, mobile search should be influencing the way you think about how your home is marketed.

In a blog post on Unconditional.co.nz, Paul Mackenzie – Marketing Manager for Realestate.co.nz – says “We are aware of several buyers who have found and purchased their home for sale solely through using the mobile app. People are turning up to open homes guided by the apps with a schedule fully planned of where they are going and what they want to check out.”

That being the case, it begs the question – does your real estate agent’s website translate easily onto a mobile device? Even more importantly, are their online listings easy to search, view and save via your smartphone? With nearly a third of buyers searching via mobile, you’d want to hope they are.

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