We all know the Auckland property market is a tough battleground these days. Whether you’re trying to get a foot on the ladder, or in the process of moving up it, you’re likely to be facing stiff competition from other buyers. So, how do you position yourself to snag an awesome property? We meet hundreds of buyers every month and help the lucky ones get across the line on the home they want to buy. Here’s our take on how to be one of the successful few…

Talk to the real estate agent when you’re attending an open home.
It might sound obvious, but we see plenty of people at our open homes that won’t even make eye contact, let alone have a conversation with us. We know there are plenty of real estate agents out there giving the industry a bad name, but here’s the thing – some of us are decent folk with a genuine interest in helping you find the right home. Give us the benefit of the doubt and you might just find that we can put you onto a pearler of a property before it officially hits the market.

Be prepared to put in some work to get the sale over the line.
Sadly, nothing in life is perfect and no process is without the odd hiccup. Don’t balk at the first hurdle – be prepared to work in good faith with the vendor and, if it’s the right property, you’ll get there in the end.

Ask the agent smart questions.
Great questions are ones like:
• What kind of Title does this property have?
• Are there any issues with the Title?
• In there anything on the LIM we should take into consideration?
• Can you provide us with a summary of recent, relevant sale prices for this area?
• What price would the vendor accept today? (If the property is being sold by negotiation).
• What do you know about the neighbours?
• Who runs the body corporate? Do you know if they are a reputable company?

Don’t be a dork.
Right at the top of our list of pet peeves is buyers that ask why the vendor is selling – that’s really none of your business. After all, we don’t ask why you’re buying do we? Asking the agent about how large an extension you could put onto the property is also counter-productive – giving a useful answer to that requires skills they don’t teach in real estate school. Finally, writing the wrong phone number in our visitors log is just plain rude and won’t endear you to the agent (who you are bound to see at at least half a dozen more open homes).

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