We had to chuckle when we saw last week’s NZ Herald article about the real estate agency in Napier that is charging would-be buyers for the address of properties they are marketing. Oh to be a fly on the wall when the real estate agent was selling that concept to the vendor!

Yes, by withholding the address, the real estate agent ‘cleverly’ gets a potential buyer’s phone number for follow up purposes… But let’s be honest – many people would be too irritated about having to pay for such basic information to bother enquiring in the first place.

To our minds, this kind of approach is a remnant of days gone by. Sadly for those negotiating New Zealand’s real estate market, transparency and disclosure have not traditionally been the first words you would associate with the art of selling your house. However, we reckon times are changing.

Actually, we know times are changing – transparency and disclosure are now two of a vendor’s most valuable marketing assets. And how do we know this? Well, primarily because The Property Market was created in response to demand for a fresh way of buying and selling homes in this country. And because, over the last three years, we’ve listened to our clients… What we’re hearing is that they love our emphasis on transparency and disclosure (as well as our many other fabulous points of difference).

A perfect example was a couple in their 20s who visited one of our open homes a few weeks back. They liked the look of the property so, before attending the open home, they checked it out thoroughly online. From school zones to LIM information – by the time they stepped over the threshold they knew almost as much about the property as we did. Our role was to validate their research and add value in the form of details they couldn’t find online.

And these guys are not the exception. Many of today’s buyers have entered adulthood in ‘the information age’. They’re used to being able to research purchases – large and small – online before venturing near the physical product. When it comes to buying a house – the largest purchase most of us will make – the sheer expense (especially in today’s market!) means buyers are more risk averse than ever before. They want to go in with their eyes wide open, so they need every last detail before they commit. We’re regularly asked (and happily answer) questions about thermal efficiency, water tightness, consents, future zoning and more.

And that begs another question… If buyers are so well informed, what is the role of a real estate agent? We reckon this is changing too.

In today’s market, a top real estate agent will put together a marketing package that anticipates the informational needs of likely buyers. That makes the first phase of preparing the property for sale more important than ever before. Rather than rushing to market, it’s important to take the time to be thorough. That way it’s easy to be transparent, to disclose every last detail and to broker a mutually beneficial deal between buyer and seller every time.


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