As the days get shorter, many home owners put thoughts of selling aside. After all, winter’s the time when real estate agents pine for summer conditions, buyers stay home and prices plunge until the sun begins to shine again… Right?

Actually, winter can be a great time to sell your home – providing, of course, that you have a quality property in a sought after location. Why? For a few good reasons:

Less Competition
Generally speaking, there are fewer houses on the market in winter. If you’re a seller that means less competition from other properties. Quite simply, if there aren’t as many houses for sale in your suburb, buyer demand will concentrate around the few properties that are available – including yours.

Stronger Prices
For quality properties, the concentrated demand that comes with a shortage of listings will often drive prices up. This is particularly true when it’s already a tight ‘seller’s market’, as is currently the case in many parts of Auckland.

Reduced Marketing Spend
With fewer properties on the market, there’s not just less competition on the ground, but also in the real estate listings. So, if you’re selling your house in winter, you may get away with spending less on advertising, while at the same time being found more easily.

The ‘Warm, Dry’ Edge
Showing a home that is well insulated and heated in winter is a huge competitive advantage – particularly with older houses. If buyers are currently living in a property that is cold and damp they will place a premium on a home that is warm and dry.

Only the Committed Venture Out
When it’s miserable out, only motivated buyers do the open home rounds. That means your real estate agent is less likely to have nosey neighbours taking a gander, and more likely to be dealing with qualified buyers. Now that’s got to be a benefit, right?

So, if you’ve been thinking of selling your house, don’t give up just because it’s winter. Talk to us about we can get a red hot price out of the chilly season. About The Property Market The Property Market is a full service real estate agency built to deliver a better experience for buyers and sellers. Think real estate, only reinvented. · Our Ponsonby real estate agents operate within a 20 minute radius of Freemans Bay. · Our real estate agent commission rates are innovative and competitive. · Our focus on customer service is second-to-none. So, if you’re thinking of selling your house, give us a call.