In recent years the trading landscape has changed dramatically for New Zealand’s real estate industry. Today’s market is moving towards a much more open and transparent model and, here at The Property Market, we’ve made no bones about the fact that we think the traditional role of real estate agents needs to change dramatically too.

Changes in the industry.

Key amongst the changes to the way we buy and sell houses in this country is the Real Estate Agents’ Code of Conduct, introduced three years ago.

This was re-released in April with a number of updates, including important clarifications around how real estate agents must engage with their clients – mainly by being proactive, fair and honest in all respects.

Of course it’s much easier to keep the industry honest when online services like Terranet, Council websites and even Google Earth mean buyers have access to more information than ever before. Today’s buyers are less reliant on agents to bring them up-to-speed on property information and, instead, expect them to add value in other ways.

Banks are also much more stringent about conditions on borrowing too, meaning there’s no room for incorrect, misleading or omitted information.

So, what does this mean for real estate agents?

More importantly, what does it mean for you when buying or selling your house?

Frankly, it depends how service-oriented the agent you’re dealing with is (or to what degree they’re just in it for the easiest real estate commission fee).

If they’re moving with the times, they’ve probably already recognised that their role is more than ever about listening and working proactively to create a successful agreement between buyer and seller, rather than simply providing information and haggling.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, that proactive mindset is sadly lacking in many of the mainstream players – and that little detail is at the heart of what makes The Property Market different to your garden variety agency.

We see our role less as traditional ‘sales people’ and more as account managers, consultants, sounding boards and coaxers. We’re there to add value by getting to the maximum possible sale price quickly, with the least amount of hassle for all parties to the transaction.

Getting that right takes a special ability and commitment to negotiating proactively and honestly with both buyer and seller, rather than simply driving expectations up on one side of the deal and down on the other.

You’ll see evidence of this approach on the very first page of our Agency Agreement, which gives a clear indication of what you can expect from our endeavours on your behalf. Unlike most real estate agents, we also invite you to get our Agency Agreement checked out by an independent third party before you sign… because that’s only fair, and (like true advocates of our industry’s Code of Conduct) fair is what we do.

Of course, it’s not just what we say about our approach that’s important – it’s what our customers reckon about it too. Here are some of their thoughts.

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