Selling at the top end of the market?

When you’re selling a high value property, the focus is on the performance of your agent and the value they can add to your sale price. So for properties selling over $2m, we offer an alternative commission fee structure called Fare Share.

Here’s how Fare Share works. First we appraise your property and present you with our analysis and appraised price range. Then together we negotiate a level over which you’re happy to pay a 7% fee and which means you’ll be paying commission only on the bit of your sale price that matters – the top end. Below this level you pay zero commission.

We think this is a smarter way to pay for the work that your real estate agency does and it puts us all in the best position to get the highest possible price for your property.

Nathan and Deborah’s story

When work required a move out of Auckland, Nathan and Deborah decided to sell their Ponsonby home.

The Property Market’s Fare Share commission structure gelled perfectly with Nathan and Deborah’s desire for results. “It makes so much sense because it rewards the extra effort required to achieve a great price, rather than the minimal effort required in this location to achieve a fast turnover,” she says.

With The Property Market sharing the financial risk, Nathan and Deborah then that felt every other aspect of our advice was geared to getting the absolute best sale price. A recommendation to concentrate the marketing around digital tools proved very effective in generating interest, without the huge outlay required for traditional print advertising. "At the end of the day, we were happy to trust The Property Market because they had as much riding on the result as we did and we got the most incredible result,” says Nathan.

Following a strong marketing campaign and busy open homes, Nathan and Deborah’s property sold for over 30% over its Council Valuation and we exceeded their expectations.

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