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Jemma Boyd

Eastern Suburbs sales associate

Jemma is all about people. Her background is in both sales and online business but she would choose the face-to-face stuff any day. A driven go getter - as a teen she was on track to become a professional tennis player till injury stepped in - she loves real estate because it involves really getting to know people so you can help them make decisions for the next stage of their life. “I just love interacting with people in any way and having done other sales I much prefer real estate because you get to really build relationships, and meet some unbelievably interesting people along the way. Buying a house is far from just a transaction, a good real estate agent needs to be able to think about a whole person’s life and match them up with a living situation that’s not just going to work right now, but for years to come.” Jemma thrives on going the extra distance for buyers and vendors and loves nothing more than the smile on their faces when they go unconditional on that dream house or sell their home with the minimum stress possible.

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