Auckland Central Suburbs

If you like the idea of suburban life but aren’t ready to cut yourself off from the buzz of the central city, there are plenty of areas which will give you both. That’s the beauty of living in Aotearoa New Zealand, city living doesn’t mean concrete jungle. In fact many suburbs just 5-10 minutes from the city have a beach right on their doorstep. You can be checking out the latest fabulous cocktail bar or restaurant one moment and lying on your towel on the sand the next.

The Central suburbs are fun and full of life. There’s always something new happening - a great new store, art exhibition, food truck, gin bar, boutique or market. Always changing and always alive, this is a great part of town to make your home.

Houses vary from character villas and bungalows packed full of history to modern apartments and older units and townhouses.

Our Fees - just 2%

We charge a sweet and simple commission fee of just 2% of the 
sale price plus GST.

What commission fee do the big Auckland real estate agencies charge?

Traditional real estate agencies charge 4% on the first $400,000 of the sale price and then an additional 2% on the remainder. An admin fee of around $500 and GST are then applied on top.

Commission fees in the big Auckland real estate agencies are a hangover from the days when sale prices were a fraction of today’s figures. These days however, they’re out of whack with the current market.

How can we afford a smaller commission fee?

We’re an independent agency so we don’t pay franchise fees and we use cloud based software to reduce overheads.