With expansive plains, lush beaches, a range of towns and cities to explore and endless recreational activities and shopping facilities, the Waikato is a vast and diverse region to work, live and play.

Our Fees - just 2.25%

We charge a sweet and simple commission fee of just 2.25% of the 
sale price plus GST.

What commission fee do the big Auckland real estate agencies charge?

Traditional real estate agencies charge 4% on the first $400,000 of the sale price and then an additional 2% on the remainder. An admin fee of around $500 and GST are then applied on top.

Commission fees in the big Auckland real estate agencies are a hangover from the days when sale prices were a fraction of today’s figures. These days however, they’re out of whack with the current market.

How can we afford a smaller commission fee?

We’re an independent agency so we don’t pay franchise fees and we use cloud based software to reduce overheads.

Sarah Schwarz
Sarah Schwarz

Sarah takes a personal approach to real estate. What is it that makes a home special and who are the buyers that are likely to appreciate it? By contacting buyers from her vast network as well as utilising online advertising and social media, Sarah makes sure her vendors’ properties are exposed to the right target groups and lead to exceptional results.

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